Waste Water Management


Allpumps and Waterboring is a proudly Australian owned and operated company, providing waste water management. 

All our staff are fully trained, licensed and qualified to handle waste water management and have a fully equipped workshop that carry a vast array of well stocked products. 

Waste water management is the process of removing contaminants from water discharged from surface run-off, domestic, industrial or commercial premises.  

Waste water management utilises mechanical, biological, and chemical processes to remove these contaminants.  

Allpumps and Waterboring can supply a whole range of components for a complete mechanical, biological, and chemical waste water management plant.


The process of waste water management varies from simple tanks, relying solely on sedimentation, to the refined treatment processes with advanced biological treatment that we use today. 

Treatment aims at reducing the pollution contained in the waste water such as bacteria and viruses, oxygen consuming components, nutrients, pharmaceuticals, chemical substances and heavy metals from waste water before it is discharged to the open waters.

Allpumps and Waterboring offer a broad range of equipment designed specifically for waste water management. The sustainability of a sewage treatment plant requires that the solution is durable, ensuring cost effective and trouble-free operation. Allpumps have repaired systems from all over Western Australia including, Broome, Darwin, Karratha, port and South Headland, Mt Newman, Kalgoorlie, Mt Webber plus many other areas around Western Australia.