Allpumps and Water Boring


Allpumps and Waterboring would be one of the leading pump companies in Western Australia; this has come about by the extensive knowledge of pumps and associated equipment. Allpumps are agents for all the leading pump companies in Australia and they include;

  • Grundfos.
  • ITT Flyte.
  • Aqua master.
  • Otterbine.
  • Regent pumps.
  • Mono.
  • Stalker.
  • Lowara.
  • Caprari.
  • Corde.
  • Pentair Southern Cross.
  • Aqua plus.
  • Davey Master Dealer.
  • Aussie pumps.
  • Pentair.
  • Danfoss.
  • Remex.
  • Tyco
  • CMG
  • Franklin
  • Crusader hose
  • Well master
  • Permaglass.

Allpumps and Waterboring have the ability to supply and repair any pump in their well-equipped workshop, and if a new pump is required the skilful team will be able to measure the system required and the customer can rest assured they are getting the right product for the job.

Centrifugal Pumps.


Centrifugal pumps, are one of the more common styles of pumps, they are generally used for water transfer, Irrigation, fire systems, and are commonly used by the Mining and commercial sector.

Allpumps supply and service All centrifugal brands of pumps including, Grundfos, ITT Lowarra, Southern Cross, Davey, Mono, Regent, KSB Ajax, Franklin, Corde, Aqua plus, Stalker.


Submersible Bore Pumps.

Submersible pumps are commonly used in all aspects of water transfer, for Reticulation, Artesian water supply, general water transfer etc.

The Allpumps team regularly remove and reinstall very large submersible pumps for their commercial clients.

Allpumps often fit Danfoss VFDs to large Submersible pumps.

Allpumps can repair all submersible pumps in their well equipped workshop.

Allpumps supply and service All centrifugal brands of pumps including, Grundfos, Caprari, ITT Lowarra, Pentair Southern Cross, Davey, Franklin.

Vertical multistage pressure pumps

Vertical multi stage pumps are a specialised pump, used where high pressure and high flow is required, they are very versatile and are used on large irrigation systems, water transfer and pressure boosting systems.

They can also be variable speed so one pump can do more than one duty, and is commonly used on caravan parks, mining camps and commercial irrigation systems.

Allpumps specialise in sales, repairs and installation of vertical multi stage pumps, and all repairs are carried out in our fully qualified workshop where all pumps are tank tested before they go back into service giving the customer peace of mind the pump is operating properly.

Allpumps range of vertical multi stage pumps, Grundfos, Lowarra, Davey, Pentair Southern Cross, Corde, Franklin.


Engine driven pumps.

Allpumps Supply a large amount of engine driven pumps, these pumps are generally used for dewatering and general water transfer as well as for fire fighting systems. Allpumps work with various mine sites where large diesel fire sets are supplied and repaired by the Allpumps team. For all your engine driven pumps call Allpumps for the best advice.

Allpumps are agents for, BDR Grundfos Fire sets, Allied Fire systems, Davey Water products, Pentair Southern Cross, Aussie pumps.

Dewatering Pumps.

Allpumps regularly supply and repair Dewatering pumps to the commercial and mining industry, this is an area where only high quality products will do and Allpumps are agents for the best pumps available for dewatering.

Allpumps are agents for the following Dewatering pumps.

ITT Flyte, Grundfos, Davey water products, Pentair Southern Cross, Aquaplus.

Drives and Starters.

Allpumps supply and install variable frequency drives, for commercial pumps and pumping systems. Allpumps have access to many types of drives however the Allpumps team like use Danfoss because it is the best on the market.