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Onga Pumps Perth

If you or your business is based in Perth and you are searching for a high performance and cost-effective industrial pump, Onga will most likely be best suited for your specific pumping application and budget.

Internationally reknown for their reliable performance undermost situations and a longer lasting durability, Onga pumps call for minimal maintenance as compared to other brands of pumps in the market.

Purchasing and Onga pump is now even easier!

Welcome to Allpumps & Waterboring, a leading supplier of all models of Onga pumps Perth.

No matter where your location in and around perth, whether you are looking for centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, trash and slurry pumps, engine-driven pumps or positive displacement pumps you can find them all under a single roof at Allpumps & Waterboring.

It is our belief that helping our clients make the most informed decisions and choose the best Onga pumps Perth to suit their specific pumping application or requirement is what we are all about.

We have vast experience and are licensed professionals who know and understand your requirement and can best suggest the correct Onga pump in Perth to purchase.

If you have any concerns about assembling, installing or servicing your Onga pumps, we can help you with that too – anywhere in Perth you are located!

Some of the best-selling models of Onga pumps in Perth include:

  • LTP550 Onga Leisure Time Pool Pump,
  • Onga JMM100 Pump with Minipress,
  • Onga VH150 Sump Pump,
  • SMHP45 Onga Multistage Automatic Pressure System,
  • Onga VIP180/6 Submersible Sump Pumps,
  • Onga JSP Pressure Pump,
  • Onga Tank Buddy Submersible Pump,
  • Onga Environmaster variable Speed Pump,
  • Onga GP960 Engine-Driven Pump,
  • Onga Blazemaster Pump,
  • Onga Hi-Flo 18 Series and several more!

For all models of Onga pumps we invite you to give us a call for an obligation free discussion, you will be truly amazed by our exhaustive stock and affordable price tags, which are known to be the best in the industry.

For further information please call us Today on (08) 9583 3508